Australia Vs Canada Which Country Is Better For Immigration

Australia Vs Canada Which Country Is Better For Immigration

In the past few years, Canada and Australia have become two of the biggest destination for migration.Most of the people love to migrate to Canada and Australia to work and live there. Canada and Australia are two of the largest countries in the world.

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Which country to choose for immigration between Canada & Australia?

Well, Immigrating to a new country, have to take decision-based on certain features i.e.

  • Cost of Living: The Cost of living in Australia is usually high as compared to Canada, however, it offers high paid jobs so if you are looking in those terms you have the decision to make.
  • Immigration Process: Canada and Australia have got the point based immigration process, however, Australia has more strict immigration rules as compared to Canada. But, Australia’s point-based skill assessment is valid throughout the country while Canada usually requires the educational credential points assessment which, may or may not be valid in other provinces.
  • Rights and Privileges: In Canada, after getting your PR, you will become eligible to receive rights, privileges, and social security benefits more like a  Canadians, but in Australia, you have to wait for the 2 years.
  • Accommodation cost: The housing and accommodation price in Australia is higher as compared to Canada,  but it can be managed if you have higher salary or income.
  • Different communities: Both Canada and Australia have multicultural communities and residents from Asia and other countries. As compared to Australia, Canada is considered more tolerant towards new immigrants and cultures.
  • Livable Aspects: Australia and Canada are wonderful and livable countries with unique identities and specialties. Canada is considered the safe haven for families, on the other end, the fast and energetic lifestyle of Australia suits the individuals with high ambitions, competitive approach, and higher career goals.
  • Geographical Aspects: Australia provides easy access to New Zealand as well, that’s the advantage for Immigrants. Whereas Canada enjoys its proximity to the USA- the other most preferred advanced nation with tremendous opportunities.
  • Education and Healthcare System: When it comes to providing quality and free education and healthcare to the residents and immigrants both Australia and Canada are same. The public education and health care are active in both the countries to provide the people usually free or affordable education and medical facilities.

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