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“Australia is the very nice place to visit. A few months back I came to Australia on work permit visa. Starting days were good, I enjoyed a lot. But slowly I came to know that the expenses are very high. Everything including the cost of living is very high. It’s really very difficult to survive if the salary is low.”
-Tamil Salvan

“I have been in Canada for a year. The climate of Canada is too cold throughout the year. Due to which room heaters are always on all the time, which ultimately increases the electricity bill and add more expenses. Surviving in such weather is very difficult and challenging.”
-Javed Ali

“I’ve lived in Denmark for a year. Life as a single is very expensive. Taxes are very high and VAT on everything. Denmark is expensive. Food is expensive, shopping is expensive, drinking is expensive. It is definitely not a place for budget travelers, and if you are used to the American prices, this one will be a shocker.”
– Muhammad Asif

“It is really hard to find somewhere to live in New Zealand, And besides being hard to even find a place, it is even harder to find something that is remotely playable. This can be hard since it is really exhausting to put a lot of time and money into finding a place, when you may not be able to.”
-Anusuya Seelan

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