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I am living in Brazil since 18 months.The buses are twice as expensive , and the metro is as well.. It’s harder to save money here, and you need to be really on top of your budget because the “little” expenses in Brazil actually aren’t so little.
-Davin’s Wilson

Panama is a very long country. There is only one airlines to use unfortunately to get from city to city; Air Panama.So travelling in panama is very expensive and time consuming.It is very difficult to travel from one side to another.
-Sarah Saeed

The language barrier is the hardest thing that you face while immigrating overseas. English is a necessity to help your understand the
everyday activities in Australia.And side by side the educational cost in Australia is expensive for the international students.
-Jalyn Lasponia

Living in Australia is a great opportunity.Besides so many advantages, the disadvantage of living in Australia is that it is very expensive country to live.

I work here in Germany and after comparing it with the pay I get, I really didn’t think it was worth it. It got so bad that I even considered just moving back to the Canada.
-Komal Thakur
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